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Jamie started working with Xero in 2008 (when he was one of the first 1300 subscribers!) and quickly realised this was the way of the future! this set in motion a plan for a better accounting service for small business.

By 2011, Jamie had set up his new business in Invercargill - Cross Group Services. He worked exclusively with Xero, became a pro at migration from older desktop based software, and quickly grew his practice.

Xero has been a huge part of Cross Group from inception - it could even be called the inspiration for the idea that Cross Group was built on.

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By working with Xero we've been able to do more, with less. More collaboration, innovation, with real time data, and less office space, paperwork, office storage, TIME, and cost to clients.

We're Xero experts, not just because of ALL of the clients subscribed, not just because every team member is a Certified Advisor, but because we've been with Xero since the beginning. 


We know Xero works because we've used it since day one. We've built our practice around Xero because we know it works.

Xero keeps our costs down, something we can pass on to our clients, makes collaboration easy, storage simple, and you can use it anywhere there is internet (so you can keep everything moving during a lockdown - or run the office from the beach once the borders finally open!).

It's secure, user friendly (some would say it's Beautiful Accounting Software), and our clients love it.

Get in touch if you want to know more about Xero, and why we think it'll be the best fit for your business!

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