• Miread Larsen

UPDATE: COVID-19 Financial Support

For more information on any of the available COVID-19 Support Schemes, see here

Resurgence Support Payment

Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced on 15 Feb 2021 that the Government would be tweaking the eligibility criteria of a new payment for businesses affected by Covid-19.

The initial criteria were originally released in December 2020, where Robertson said businesses nationwide would be eligible for a Resurgence Support Payment if any part of the country moved to levels 2, 3, or 4 for seven or more days.

They would need to have experienced a 30% drop in revenue over a 14-day period, caused by a change in Alert Levels, to be eligible.

On Tuesday, Robertson said this is being shortened to seven days.

The Resurgence Support Payment will provide $1,500 base payment per business plus $400 per employee, up to $21,500.

If the current Alert Levels restrictions are extended beyond seven days, businesses can include the initial three-day restriction period to assess their eligibility.

In a nutshell:

  • A new payment for Alert Levels 2 and above

  • Available Nationwide

  • Available after restrictions have been in effect for 7 days or more

  • Businesses are eligible if they show a 30% drop in income over one week

  • Base payment of $1,500 per business, plus $400 per employee (capped at $21,500)

Wage Subsidy

If any part of the country is in Alert Level 3 or 4 for seven days or more, the wage subsidy will become an active payment again.

In a nutshell:

  • The value will remain the same ($585.80pw for full-time workers, $350 for part time)

  • The decline in income test changes to a 40% decline in revenue compared to the previous 6 weeks (instead the previous year)

  • The support will be paid in fortnightly payments

  • Total support will match the duration at Alert Level 3 or 4, rounded to the nearest fortnight

For more information, see here

Short-Term Absence Payment

There is a new Short-Term Absence payment available.

This is available for the employers of any employee who needs to stay home while awaiting a COVID-19 test, or needs to stay home with a dependent while they await a result.

The support is $350 per employee, see here for guidelines and more info.

Leave Support Scheme

A one off payment of $585.50 (fulltime employee rate), or $350 (employee works 20 hours or less per week) to the employer of anyone who needs to self-isolate because of COVID-19. More info available here.


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