UPDATE: 17 August 2021 COVID-19 Financial Support

Income Support Mechanisms have been triggered due to the 17th August move to Alert Level 4.

Both the Resurgence Support Payments and the Covid-19 Wage Subsidy have been triggered, and the Short-Term Absence Payment and Leave Support scheme are also still available.

More information will be available tomorrow, but here's what we know so far:


Resurgence Support Payment

The Resurgence Support payment has again been triggered. This will be able to be applied for via the IRD website, and applications will be open sometime next week.

Businesses will need to have experienced a 30% drop in revenue over a 7 day period (TBC), caused by a change in Alert Levels, to be eligible.

The Resurgence Support Payment will provide $1,500 base payment per business plus $400 per employee, up to $21,500.

In a nutshell:

  • A payment for Alert Levels 2 and above

  • Available Nationwide

  • Businesses are eligible if they show a 30% drop in revenue over a week.

  • Base payment of $1,500 per business, plus $400 per FTE employee (capped at $21,500)


Wage Subsidy

The Wage Subsidy is confirmed to have been triggered. Applications will be made via the Work and Income website and are expected to open from Friday 20th August, with payment turnaround of approximately 3 days.

In a nutshell:

  • The value has increased to $600pw for full-time workers and $359 for part time

  • The decline in income test is a 40% decline in revenue over a consecutive 14 day period compared to the previous 6 weeks

  • The support will be paid in a 2 weekly lump sum

  • Total support will match the duration at Alert Level 3 or 4, rounded to the nearest fortnight


Short-Term Absence Payment

There is a new Short-Term Absence payment available.

This is available for the employers of any employee who needs to stay home while awaiting a COVID-19 test, or needs to stay home with a dependent while they await a result.

The support is $350 per employee, see here for guidelines and more info.


Leave Support Scheme

A one off payment of $585.50 (fulltime employee rate), or $350 (employee works 20 hours or less per week) to the employer of anyone who needs to self-isolate because of COVID-19. More info available here.


For more information on any of the available COVID-19 Support Schemes, see here