Trust Review

Trust Review

Trust Deeds are living documents and it's important to make sure they are regularly reviewed and updated. Changes in circumstances and legislation can impact existing Trust structures. Our Trust Review service ensures your existing Trust reflects your current intentions using the simplest structure possible and meets statutory requirements.

Our Trust Review service gives you the chance to:

  • Review your Trust Deed and associated documents

  • Discuss what you want your Trust to deliver

  • Make recommendations according to these objectives

  • Establish instructions for your lawyer for any proposed changes

Ideally, a Trust Review service should be used as soon as possible. Many Trustees don’t receive the necessary guidance and support needed to safeguard and administer Trust assets properly.

By attending a Trust Review session, you’ll:

  • Increase your understanding of your Trust

  • Keep the structure of your Trust as simple as possible

  • Ensure that your Trust is compliant with any legislation changes or statutory requirements

  • Highlight any potential areas of risk or concern

  • Ensure your Trust meets your succession planning and asset protection objectives

We look forward to helping you review and update your Trust.